What is Google AMP and How to Implement It on Your WordPress Website.

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On the off chance that you’ve been blogging for some time, you’ll realize that web search tools keep on underlining page speed in its calculation. Beside SEO factors, page speed has a colossal impact among your guests in choosing whether they should remain on your site or not. Actually, considers demonstrate that 40% of your guests will desert your site in the event that it takes over 3 seconds to stack.

While the above measurement shows the significance of page speed for your whole site, the condition is much increasingly basic with regards to your versatile visits.

For example, if your site is similarly heavier and isn’t all around upgraded for quicker page rendering, odds are your webpage devours progressively versatile information, which likely mood killer your guests prompting forsaking your site.

Google AMP = Super Fast Mobile Browsing

Google has as of late started an open source undertaking known as Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). This activity targets accelerating the versatile perusing background colossally. So regardless of whether you’re on a cell phone with a poor web association, you can stack an AMP adaptation of the site in a split second.

Thinking about what makes AMP stands apart from the other speed streamlining strategies?

In contrast to different strategies, with AMP, you’ll be utilizing a different light-weight format for your site, which is a stripped down adaptation of your current WordPress topic, assembled explicitly for one single reason—boosting the page speed.

So as to soar your page speed, AMP constrains you to utilize a streamlined form of CSS and doesn’t permit any JavaScript component on your page. You’ll additionally need to use off-the-rack JavaScript library that powers pictures to apathetic burden.

Beside that, when your AMP pages get recorded, it will be reserved on Google AMP CDN, bringing about overly quick page rendering.

How does AMP work?

While AMP is explicitly centered around supercharging the versatile perusing knowledge, the aim isn’t to supplant responsive plan with it. Actually, AMP pages are not served straightforwardly when somebody visits your site. Rather, it is served distinctly by AMP shoppers, for example, Google search and Twitter.

For example, you may have officially seen a lightning signal in Google list items demonstrating that the site page indicated is an AMP rendition of the first page.


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